photo editing team
photo editing team

Color Correction Service

Photoshop color correction service is a process of making digital images look more natural and accurate. There are many situations where color correction might be necessary when editing photos. Perhaps an image has been scanned in incorrectly, and the colors are off, or a photo has been taken under unfavorable lighting conditions. 

We provide 100% handmade photo editing services to use Photoshop. So you will get great quality services. always try to deliver your order within 24 hours or less.


In any case, there is now Photo Editing Team that offers professional color correction services for photos. This can be a great option for anyone who wants their photos to look their best but doesn’t have the time or expertise to do the job themselves.

We offer an essential Photoshop-based color correction service that can be used to upgrade, enhance, change or modify the color or exposure of the image. Color correction and Color Editing is usually applied to different types of photography, such as model photography, eCommerce product or fashion photography. This strategy is used to improve, enhance and change the image’s color.

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Photo Editing Team is your trusted Image Editing Service provider. We are offering Clipping Path Service, Re-Touch, Shadow work, Color Correction, Ghost Mannequin, Manipulation & other related graphic services at minimum price that too with maximum quality.

What Is Image Color Correction?

In photography and video, color correction is the process of altering the color of a photographic image. Images may be processed to improve their appearance, achieve a desired effect, or fix technical problems. Color correction is often used in conjunction with other post-production processes such as exposure adjustment, saturation, and contrast manipulation.

Why Do You Need Photo Color Corrections?

In the photography world, there is a lot of talk about photo color corrections. But what does that mean, and why do you need to worry about it? In essence, it’s the process of improving the quality of an image by adjusting its colors. 

Many times, an image is captured with incorrect colors due to the lighting conditions or the camera settings used. This is where photo color corrections come in handy.

However, in photography, Color distortions can occur from one of the following reasons:

  • Source of light
  • Objects around the subject
  • Camera settings
photo editing team
photo editing team
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Color Variants

photo editing team
photo editing team

In the simplest terms, color variants are slightly different colors from each other. This can be due to a hue, saturation, or lightness difference. For example, red, pink, and fuchsia are all variants of the color red. Color variants can be used to create visual interest and add variation to a design. They can also be used to create emotions or evoke specific feelings in the viewer.

Color Replace

photo editing team
photo editing team

Color replacement is an editing technique that allows you to change the color of an object in a photo. It’s easy to use – just select the object you want to change and choose a new color. You can also adjust the intensity of the color. Color replacements are perfect for making small changes to your photos or creating funny and interesting effects. It is an essential editing service for clothing retailers. 

Color Platte Adjustment

photo editing team

Color palette adjustment, also known as color grading, is the process of altering and enhancing the color of an image or video. This can be done to change the mood of the image, match the scene’s tone, or correct any color issues. 

Sometimes the colors in a palette may not be ideal for the project, and the designer may need to adjust the colors. This can be done by adjusting each color’s hue, saturation, and lightness.

Photo exposure and color correction

photo editing team
photo editing team

Photo exposure and color correction are two important steps to getting the perfect photograph in photography. Exposure is how the camera sensor captures light, and color correction is the process of adjusting colors in an image to look more natural. 


The camera picked up the perfect amount of light, color, and other ambient factors when taking photos. However, when there are too much of one or more of these elements, it can lead to underexposure or overexposed images. You need not worry about failing to do so; color correction is a cracking method to make images visually appealing.

Black and White Photo Colorization

photo editing team
photo editing team

The ability to colorize black and white photos has long been a fascination for many people. There is something about seeing a photo in a color that can make it feel more real as if the person or event captured in the photo is somehow more present. It is a very time-consuming task and also needs high-skilled. Therefore, we can help you to colorize your old memories and make them a stunning image. 

HDR editing and blending

photo editing team
photo editing team

We use HDR editing and blending techniques to keep all the colors in the image blend together to produce a more realistic final image. By ensuring that all our image editors get the requisite time to focus on an image separately, we can minimize defects that can occur because of an automated workflow process. By blendsiden different photographs taken at different exposures, we further ensure that none of your images look out of place or have any jagged corners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Place an order?

It’s simple! If it is the very first time for you, Just provide all information in the boxes and upload your pictures, Just it!

Can I apply for test work?

Yes! To permit you to judge our excellence, we propose a FREE TRIAL opportunity for two pictures. Upload your photographs & fill up the simple form. We will get back to you after the complete trial picture within 8 hours.

How do I send & receive my photographs?

It might not be the same way. We permit three types of file to transmit methods.
1. Online up-loader: We prefer Wetransfer, Dropbox, Google drive or anyother cloud storeage for file transfer way.
2. FTP account: Just send us an application for obtaining an FTP account & then we’ll create it for you within an hour. You also be able to use your FTP account. In this way just let us recognize your signing features, and we’ll save your photographs robotically.
3. E-mail: You also be able to send your photographs via mail if it’s into typically 30MB

What are your turnaround times?

Fine, turning time depends on the proportions of the picture and the complexity step. Though, we bear most of our jobs within 2 to 24 hours. You’ve to stay to obtain up to 500 photos (middle complexity) in 24/1 days. To order 50 photos, you’ve to wait for 6 to 10 hours. If it’s 5, 10, and 20 photos, we may deliver it in just two hours.

How do you allow payment?

We allow payment via PayPal. You’ve to pay by your PayPal, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, Solo, Direct Debit. Alsoyou can pay us via Western union, Payoneer, Transferwise, Direct Bank transfer, etc.

Can I pay weekly / monthly?

Yes, if you wish, then you also can. Those of our customers, who need our service frequently, they’ve got the alternative to pay weekly or monthly. Every time you place an order, we contain an innovative thing to the declaration via all the features. As a result, you know what amount of pictures we process, and all the relevant info was proceeding to your pay.

Why You Choose Photo Editing Team For Color Correction?

When you want to make your photos look their best, you might consider hiring a photo editing team for color correction. But why should you choose a photo editing team for this specific purpose? There are several reasons. First of all, photo editing teams have the experience and expertise necessary to get your photos looking their best. They also have access to the latest software and technology, which can help them correct color and lighting issues that might be present in your photos.

  •  We are known for their high-quality work and timely delivery of services.
  • The team has vast experience in this field and uses the latest technologies to deliver better results.
  • We are also known for their customer-friendly approach and provide 100% satisfaction to their clients.
  • We can make any photo look perfect and beautiful, regardless of the original quality.

By taking advantage of our existing capabilities and specialized skills, you can focus on your core work and still ensure increased commitment in the non-functional areas. This will help you deliver more value to your end customers. At Photo Editing Team, we offer 3 free trials for each new client. It will help you to do better judgment about our service.

photo editing team
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